For my fan film E-11, I had to create multiple corridor elements to create the virtual sets. The design was based on and inspired by the look and feel of the OG trilogy as well as current shows. I modelled all the elements in Cinema 4D and textured them in Adobe Substance 3D Painter. 
Some shots from my Star Wars Fan Film E-11, where all these (and more) corridor elements and panels were used.
Multiple panel and door elements were created to be able to create entire rooms.
All the panels were textured from scratch using Adobe Substance 3D Painter.

Feel free to download the provided panel pack free of charge (see the source file link)! 

These models were created by me for fans and fellow creatives, filmmakers and artists. The provided assets are offered as a free creative resource and intended for entertainment, personal, non-commercial use only!
The 3D models are high quality with detailed 4K textures! They are setup to be used with Redshift in C4D, however they can be used/adapted for any other renderer.
I had a blast creating these models and I hope you will have fun playing with them too! As a thank you and to give back to the creative community I am sharing these freely at no cost. However I would love to hear what you create with these and attribution would be nice. 
Also I do not mean to imply any Star Wars endorsement or sponsorship, Star Wars was and still is a huge inspiration to me and this is a token of appreciation to the real creators of the galaxy far, far away. 

These assets are unofficial fan art created for and used in my Star Wars Fan Film: "E-11: Standard Issues". E-11: Standard Issues - A Star Wars Fan Film is a non-profit unofficial fan-film. Neither the fan film nor these assets are intended for commercial use. None of the 3D models, textures or renderings included in this pack have been pulled from any pre-existing sources. They were created solely for fun and it is my loveletter to all the real creators of a galaxy far, far away. Characters are owned by Lucasfilm/Disney and the fan-film and these assets are NOT connected in any way to said companies.

Check out my fan film "E-11: Standard Issues" to see the assets in action! 

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