When we started working on the official Opening Titles for TOCA ME 2017, our goal was to create a cinematic title sequence which subtly hints at the amazing speaker line-up, featuring creatives like Joshua Davis, GMUNK, Mario Klingemann, Seb Lester, Keiichi Matsuda and Dominic Wilcox. 
The theme, to “DREAM BIG” led us to create a surreal and intriguing journey - beginning with gentle camera moves which reveal a bizzare and mysterious world, slowly discovering a sleeping girl who dreams of creativity and ideas, which we visualized by projecting glimpses of each artist’s work on to her face. 
We used an ultra-high-res face scan of a model, created by Daniel Hennies, which is only illuminated by those projected sequences on its various surfaces. Each shot was precisely crafted to progress outwards from a macro-level of detail, and continuously reveal more and more of the subject.

TOCA ME - Opening Titles Making Of

Some clay renders - no bump maps were used, as all the detail is in the geometry.

A few stills from the final title sequence.
Direction, Animation & Comp: Robert Hranitzky - hranitzky.com
3D Lead, Photogrammetry: Daniel Hennies - uglykids.org
Editing: Michael Münch - muenchfilms.com
Music : Andi Thoma, Michael Fakesch - michaelfakesch.com
Digital Sculpting:Phil Amelung
Model: Felicitas Molnar 
Special Thanks: Todd Prives, Max Iglesias, Can Amirak, Maxl Gründl, Scanwerk
Cloudrendering kindly provided by: Zync - zyncrender.com

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