#Adobe Live 
Crash course for Adobe Substance 
3D Stager, Adobe Substance Painter
and Adobe Aero
This tutorial focuses on the most relevant features of the Adobe 3D and Augmented 
Reality apps and is based on the theme “Earth Day”. An environmental movement and  
yearly event that happens on the 22nd of April and celebrates earth, nature and drives positive 
actions for our planet. ​​​​​​​
Concept & Scribbles 
Adobe Photoshop

Our plan was to create a playful scenery with vibrant colours that invites the audience to discover the tiny details. One that can be placed in any environment and augments the viewers perspective – but only if they find the right angle, otherwise the letters "Earth Day" will remain a hidden secret.  
 Colour Palette
Adobe Capture

The colour palette is defined by the natural colours of Austrian mountains on beautiful 
summer days. Preserving this state for the future is one of our personal "Earth Day" goals. ​​​​​​
Creating the Scene
Adobe Substance 3D Stager 

Matthias used abstract, geometric objects to create the scene and combined them 
with typographic elements. At fist sight those elements look randomly placed but 
once the audience looks at it from the right angle the word "EARTH DAY" appears.  
Painting the Scene
Adobe Substance 3D Painter 

Robert used Adobe Substance 3D Painter to give the object various colours and materials. 
AR – Augmented Reality
Adobe Aero

Is it augmenting reality or just a playful gimmick? We'll give the audience the final word to judge but we can say for sure that it is fun to place this scenery in any environment. Melanie experiments with the animation features in Adobe Aero and brings the scene to life. ​​​​​​​

Enjoy the replay and have some fun with 3D objects!

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