Full CG trailer for the new Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablet. It is based on our first trailer we created for the Intuos5 in 2012 to reflect the new updates regarding the new ExpressKeys and the new silver Special Edition. Reflecting the minimalistic and beautiful product design, we kept the visuals slick and to the point. The beautiful intro sequence was done by our fluid sim wizard Daniel "UglyKids" Hennies. It was composed of multiple simulation shots achieved by a combination of Jawset Turbulence FD and Next Limit RealFlow. We used custom RealFlow scripts developed by Wetworks and an exclusive prototype of a renderbridge plug-in within CINEMA 4D to render these shots with Arnold by Solid Angle. Other tools that we used to create this trailer were Photoshop CC and After Effects CC. Together with Akira Endo, who also worked on 3D conversion, texturing, lighting as well as 3D animation, we managed to create this trailer within a very tight timeframe. It also features the beautiful photography of Francesco Ferla , who kindly provided his artwork "Angelo" to be used in the trailer. The fantastic music was created once again by Andi Toma.
Client: Wacom Europe GmbH
Type: Product Promo Trailer
Format: 1080p
Sound: Andi Toma

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