Let It Fly (Lass es fliegen)
Space is becoming more and more an issue in urban areas and Munich is no exception. To combat this problem the cultural center and social association "Bellevue di Monaco" had the idea of flattening their roof to make room for a football pitch to create valuable space for kids to play.
nhb studios approached me to help with the commercial by designing and creating the CG version of the flying football pitch. The commercial is used to gather more interest and funds to support and finance this exciting idea.
A couple of rough digital scribbles to visualise the overall design of the floating football pitch. These helped in the process to decide wether to have ballons only at the four corners or spread across the edges. Drawn on iPad Pro with Photoshop Sketch. Because it was too time consuming to draw every balloon individually, a single huge balloon group was created in Adobe Illustrator. This was imported to Photoshop Sketch and duplicated across all four corners.
The flying football pitch was created in Cinema 4D. Using the built-in cloth simulation, it helped to create a realistic appearance. Several versions of the surface were created, some with overlap. A version with six suspension points was also tested but didn't feel quite right aesthetically. The balloons were fully dynamic and a wind effector helped to add some subtle movement.
Football pitch turntable
Get a glimpse of how the football pitch and the balloons were created in this short making of.
The visual process of getting the football pitch on to the roof: Photoshop composite to remove the roof done by nhb. 3D rendering added with matching light and shadows. Final color graded image.

nhb Postproduktion: Florian Decker, Julian Kasmierz, Martin Escher

Fantastic balloon rig tutorial that helped me:

Additional Cinema 4D support balloon dynamics:
Marcel Langner

Sepalot, Peter Brugger, Keno Langbein von Moop Mama, Roger Rekless, Ami Warning

Special thanks:
Uli Hoeneß, Hasan Salihamidzic, Andreas Burkert, Steffen Hamann, Alfred Dorfer, Flo Weber, FC Bayern München, bunt kickt gut e.V., KLT Licht & Ton, M Sound Studios, Aqua Monaco, VfS Verein für Sozialarbeit, Bäckerei Höflinger, etepetete Bio-Obst und -Gemüse, Roger & Over Funkgerätevermietung

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