The Wacom VR Pen is a product that is still in development. Utilising our favorite toolset of Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects, we breathed (animated) life into this vision. Making it appear as if it already exists (which is doesn not ;)). 
The teaser begins with multiple super close-up shots of the pen that get wider as the teaser progresses, revealing more and more of the actual product. Each shot was carefully framed to have an almost abstract look and feel to it - highlighting the beautiful industrial design of the pen.
To show an actual use case scenario while keeping it visually abstract, we decided to go for ghost-like approach for the "virtual hand" - also seen in common VR tools. This approach also allowed to look through the hand and see the result of the action, for example when buttons are pushed.
Making Of Wacom VR Pen at The 3D and Motion Design Show
Enjoy an hour long look behind the scenes (and screens) how this project was created.

Director: Robert Hranitzky
Design & Animation: Robert Hranitzky, Max Iglesias
3D Lead: Max Iglesias
3D Hand Rig & Animation: Can Erduman
Editing: Michael Münch
Colorist Interview Sequences: Marcus Adam

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